We would like to call upon and urge all Digital, Online, Ecommerce, and Technology companies out there.
Together, we unite and give back to society by sharing our Love or donate food to those in need.

FoodBank.Digital can help you arrange supplies, fulfillment and deliver these food boxes to the families who are in need.

FoodBank.Digital is a CSR platform fully sponsored by Exabytes. All support and donations from the public and corporate companies will 100% be used to buy food for the families in need and audited by Grant Thornton.

Corporate companies may channel some of the marketing fund / CSR fund or offline event fund that has not been utilised to support this project FoodBank.Digital. Let FoodBank.Digital help your esteem organisation run part of your CSR and help those in need. every RM60,000 contributed can help support 1,000 families. #DigitalUnited

Corporate companies may also contribute by sharing this program with the community in need.

Our Goal: 200 companies x RM3,000 = RM600,000

Since launched, we have received over 1,500 families each day who seek for help at FoodBank.Digital.

This will raise RM600,000 to help 10,000 families. 

To donate, click here: https://foodbank.digital/donate/bank-transfer/

Take if you need, Share if you LOVE: https://foodbank.digital/

For inquiries, please contact hello@foodbank.digital


Below is a list of all corporate companies/organisations who have supported:

Founding Members & Contributors

Contributions from InternetAlliance Members

Contributions from Digital, Online, Ecommerce, and Technology Companies

How did FoodBank.Digital happen?

Tens of thousands of families and children we have helped since the launch of FoodBank.Digital with more than 10,000 foodboxes successfully delivered around Malaysia, but,

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