Warm Messages That Puts A Smile Back on Our Faces

Warm Messages to FoodBank.Diggital

With the initial objective of wanting to offer as much help to our community as possible, the team at FoodBank.Digital placed all our efforts and full concentration on reaching out to families in need and being able to fulfil the applications received.

Tedious it may be to achieve from scratch to foodboxes being delivered to the families, but the feeling of satisfaction and achievement keeps us going. Knowing that we are trying our very best to make sure families and children do not go hungry anymore is a great motivation that keeps us wanting to help more.

It was when our foodboxes starts to reach the families and warm messages started flowing in that has put big smiles on the team and supporters at FoodBank.Digital. We know that we are doing something right! We have put smiles on many families and growing children in our country, and in return, their warm “thank you” messages meant a pat on our shoulders. We are grateful to all our supporters, donors, sponsors and the FoodBank.Digital team for what we’ve managed, and we will continue our efforts to fulfil the 50,000 applications received.



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