Redtick Joined the FoodBank.Digital Forces

FoodBank.Digital was launched on 3rd July 2021 and we have received over 1000+ applications for food aid within the first 24 hours.

FoodBank.Digital contacted Redtick on 4th Jul 2021, Monday 7.10 AM and its boss Mr Loh replied within the next few minutes agreeing to help and support. They offered FoodBank.Digital at charity cost and volunteered their manpower to help on packing our foodboxes.

Today, Redtick also helped supply food items to iStoreiSend for packing. Thank You Redtick! Together we spread love for our community.

A wall full of love and care to be packed into our foodboxes.
Happy to see this as it means we are able to support more families.
More food supplies for our Malaysian family.
These will be on their way to more families.
To our children, the future of Malaysia
Preparing the packaging boxes for FoodBank.Digital
Spending their precious Sunday for a good cause.
500 pcs of Packaging Boxes are required daily.
Everyone is helping.
Essentials sufficient for a family for a week.
Full box of Food + Love
Warms our heart to see these ready to be sent out.
Ready to be shipped on Monday.
Chan Kee Siak

Chan Kee Siak

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