Your little act of kindness is their greatest faith to live

It has been a tough year to us but it’s tougher to some of the families out there who are struggling to feed their kids and struggling to survive for another week or another day.

They feel helpless but they are not giving up.

And we are not giving up on them as well.

FoodBank.Digital aims to help Malaysian families in need by providing food supplies. Within 4 days after the launch, we have received 6,146 applications nationwide and there are more coming in as you are reading this.

They don’t need a superhero now, they need us.

With over 1,500 applications daily, we sincerely seek individuals and corporations’ support in helping them to stay strong and stay alive for another day while waiting for the rainbow after the rain.

Every FoodBox box consists of the following food essentials which cost around RM60 per box. Every box can help 1 family to survive for a week.

  • Rice 5KG x 1 Pack
  • Milo 1KG x 1 Pack
  • Nestum Oats x 1 Pack
  • Instant Noodles x 4 Packs
  • Biscuits x 1 Pack

All the donations received will be 100% used for the purchase of food supplies while the packing will be fully managed by Exabytes and and delivery sponsored by, Pgeon.Delivery and EasyParcel. To ensure the highest transparency, all the funds received and utilized will be duly audited by Grant Thornton. In addition to that, every box delivered comes with Proof of Delivery.

We couldn’t do this alone, we can only do this together. If you or your corporation share the same vision as FoodBank.Digital, you can click the following link to donate. Every cent you donate represents a hope. On behalf of the families and kids, we thank you for your kindness. Let’s go through this together as a nation.

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