How We Pack Our Foodboxes to Ensure All Is Intact

FoodBank.Digital Packing SOP

30,000 foodboxes to pack and how do we manage it?

Other than making sure that we have packed the number of foodboxes for today’s shipment, ensuring that the foodboxes are properly packed with no food items being damaged during transit or opened boxes when families receive them – we have worked out a standard operating procedure for the packing arrangement of each box, up to even the size of the cardboard boxes we use and the quality of the box to ensure that it can withhold the weight of the items we will be putting into one box.

This process has been carefully thought through to firstly make sure that we only request boxes of the size we need, and next, to ensure that all items will be intact when families receive them. With a proper standard operating procedure, this also speeds up our packing process, as well as avoid confusion or mistakes.

Packing Box Measurement
Packing SOP
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