How did FoodBank.Digital happen?

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Tens of thousands of families and children we have helped since the launch of FoodBank.Digital with more than 10,000 foodboxes successfully delivered around Malaysia, but, have you ever thought, how did this initiative come about or actually materialise?

Day by day we spent through with work, family, food, fun and in these recent weeks, overflooding feed of people asking for help, news of suicide cases or hearsay of those discreetly hinting in need of help. With the situation in Malaysia slowly getting from bad to worse and the repetition of depressing news filling our screens, an already well-known young and successful entrepreneur, or a “hero” as his team members refer him as, Mr Chan Kee Siak, CEO and Founder of Exabytes, Co-founder of EasyParcel, EasyStore and EasyWork realised that there is a severe need of help and support for families out there who are going by each day struggling to put food on the table.

Together with his team from the 4 companies, Chan kickstarted the FoodBank.Digital initiative! Working together with a handful of teammates hoping to help at least a hundred families, Chan started preparation by making an order for 10 sets of food items to be included in the foodboxes, having them arranged to be sent to his house. At this stage, little did he know that his FoodBank.Digital platform would receive overwhelming applications. In just two days, Foodbank.Digital has received near to 3,000 applications from families needing a foodbox.

Our first order – 10 sets of food items for 10 foodboxes after FoodBank.Digital was launched
First 50 foodboxes packed
Then 100 foodboxes

From shopping for 10 sets of food items to be sent back home, FoodBank.Digital grew to an order of 50 sets, then 100 sets, and today, the processing of FoodBank.Digital foodboxes are being done at different states in Malaysia, at huge warehouses that can accommodate packing and shipping of up to 1,500 foodboxes per day, per fulfilment centre.

You may wonder… why an order of 50 sets when we have applications of near to 3,000?

Every order of food items and every single foodbox is only possible with the help and support of supporters who wants to spread love and help families in need. FoodBank.Digital operates on donations and sponsorships. Orders are only placed as we process and confirm the number of valid applications. Having said this, ultimately, orders are only possible when we have received enough donations and sponsorships.

Prototype of our first foodbox batch

Today, FoodBank.Digital has received more than 50,000 applications and the team behind FoodBank.Digital has grown to be teamwork by multiple companies, friends and supporters. The team behind FoodBank.Digital hopes to be able to prolong this initiative for as long as the community needs, with the support of the community.

It brings us satisfaction and puts big smiles on our faces knowing that children and families can now be happy again, not having to go hungry or worrying about their next meal.



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