FoodBank.Digital’s Foodbox Items

FoodBank.Digital foodbox prototype

If you have been following us closely for updates, FoodBank.Digital has to date (26 July 2021) shipped out more than 13,000 foodboxes to more than 13,000 families. In the meantime, another 16,896 foodboxes are in transit, being delivered to families in need.

This also means that, over the weeks, near to 25,000 sets of food items were needed to fulfil these foodboxes. As we go along, the team does our very best to optimise the budget we have so we can fulfil more foodboxes to help more families. Other than budget concerns, we have also faced a shortage of stock for a couple of our items thus far.

Our main objective is to provide food to families so they do not go hungry. The food items are bought based on suitability and substantiality regardless of brand. As such, the differences in some of our foodboxes as we go along are no surprises. We work based on the budget we have, and the number of families still waiting for help.

FoodBank.Digital foodbox prototype
Our very first foodbox items
Foodbox with Socolic’s Chocolate Drink
foodbox with captain oats
Foodbox with Captain Oats


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