#DigitalUnited: DeliverEat Spreads Love Through FoodBank.Digital


It warms our hearts getting to know that slowly and steadily, our digital friends are coming together to support this good cause – to spread love to the families and children in need of food during this hard time.

UPDATE as of 21 July 2021:
With the help of DeliverEat, we have managed to fulfil more deliveries in the areas of Penang and Kuala Lumpur. In addition, through its shoutout to the DeliverEat community, a total of RM7,680 was raised to further support the possibility of more foodboxes being sent to families in need.

A warm notification received ❤️

Thank you DeliverEat for supporting this cause and spreading the word further to those who need, who LOVE and who wants to support. Over 1,500 applications are received daily on foodbank.digital and the best we can do for our community is to accumulate more food so that we can have them shipped out to them as soon as possible.

#DigitalUniited. We come together to help and support. Together, we work towards a better tomorrow for the community.

Some examples of proof of deliveries by DeliverEat as follows:



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