10,290 Foodboxes Packed by the Efforts of JOCOM


Bit by bit we do, and as we go along, an abundance we achieve!

JOCOM put their hearts with us and came to support FoodBank.Digital. Started with managing to pack 200 foodboxes in a day, JOCOM has to date helped pack a total of 6,000 foodboxes to be sent out to the families in need.

UPDATED as of 22 July 2021:
More than 10,000 foodboxes fulfilled by JOCOM! Yet another 1,500 foodboxes packed by JOCOM today. Little by little, day by day, we are working towards fulfilling the 30,000 approved applications that we have. Thank you once again JOCOM. You guys are AMAZING!

UPDATED as of 21 July 2021:
1,310 foodboxes were picked up from our JOCOM fulfilment centre yesterday. These foodboxes are ready to be shipped and will be on their way to the families in need. To date, JOCOM has helped to fulfil 8,790 foodboxes in total. We thank you sincerely for generously supporting the families in need through FoodBank.Digital.

UPDATED as of 16 July 2021:
Another 1,480 foodboxes have been packed and shipped out by JOCOM. This is on top of the 6,000 foodboxes packed and shipped out previously.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the team at JOCOM who is now assisting to pack more than 1,500 foodboxes in a day. The progress we’ve achieved today wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our friends who are fully supportive of FoodBank.Digital’s initiative, giving help to the families in need.

Together we contribute the little bits we can for a happy community. The warmth we feel in our hearts knowing families are smiling and no longer going by each day hungry.

FoodBank.Digital Thank You


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