EasyParcel & Pgeon Fulfiling LOVE

EasyParcel and Pgeon.Delivery team volunteered to pack the FoodBank.Digital foodboxes. For Northern Malaysia, we will be able to supply 200-500 foodboxes daily with the help and support from EasyParcel and Pgeon volunteers in packing. A little bit goes a long way. Every bit of help and contribution means a lot to many. FoodBank.Digital is thankful […]

Redtick Joined the FoodBank.Digital Forces

FoodBank.Digital was launched on 3rd July 2021 and we have received over 1000+ applications for food aid within the first 24 hours. FoodBank.Digital contacted Redtick on 4th Jul 2021, Monday 7.10 AM and its boss Mr Loh replied within the next few minutes agreeing to help and support. They offered FoodBank.Digital at charity cost and […]

iStoreiSend comes into help

Today FoodBank.Digital Central2 (iStore iSend) joined in full force and completed the packing of 500 foodboxes. A Big Thank You to iStoreiSend team for volunteering to help pack these packages filled with love and care that can save lives. FoodBank.Digital will ensure that 500 sets of foodboxes will be packed daily so as to be […]