About Us

About FoodBank.Digital

FoodBank.Digital follows the principle of 4F:

  1. FAST – we deliver the food speedily to those in need within 2-7 days.
  2. Facilitate – we simplify and make the process easy.
  3. Ferry – we deliver the food to your doorstep.
  4. Fair – this program is for anyone in Malaysia, regardless of race or citizenship.


We will ensure each application is unique by checking the name, contact number and address.

You may use the same email address to apply more than once, for yourself and those who are in need (but don’t have access to the Internet or don’t know how to fill out the online form).

One could treat this as a free grocery delivery to enjoy even if they do not need the sponsorship.

We can’t avoid the possibility of misuse but we won’t let this minority stop our goodwill in wanting to help those in need. The foodbank concept is such that it is built on trust that those in need will take, and the abled will refill.

For FoodBank,Digital, no login is required. It is just a simple online form.

If you know of anyone who is unable to go online or fill in the form, you can help to fill the application form on behalf of them.

You may use your email, but, for Name, Contact No and Full Address, kindly fill in receiver’s details. https://foodbank.digital/apply/

Alternatively, You may find nearby foodbanks here: https://foodbank.digital/location/

or don’t be shy to ask for help at https://kitajaga.co/

Would you like to join us in caring for the community? Donations in terms of daily essential items are welcomed.

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